I hate to say anything bad about Yankees past, present or future, but I can't help myself. A-Rod turned out to be one disloyal, money-grubbing douchebag, am I right? There had to be a contract for $350 Million over ten years on the table for him to even talk to the Yankees. And, to top off the cake, he is now saying that if he had his pick of all the teams he would choose to play for the Red Sox!! It was bad enough when Giuliani announced that he was going to root for the Sox in the World Series. But, he is a known politically motivated douchebag. I was caught off guard by Rodriguez. Maybe he hyp-no-tized me with his gorgeous green eyes, I don't know. I do know this - green eyes aren't why I watch baseball (for the most part).

Aren't we all forgeting a little something called the biggest and best rivalry in all of sports? I mean, just because we can't gleefully chant 1918 anymore doesn't mean that we all of a sudden are OK with Boston.

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