As you all know, this is the blog of the band Breakup Breakdown. We have been a band, with a couple different names and a few different line-ups, for a bunch of years now. We have just finished a new album entitled Glowing. Since the completion of the album we've been on a break which has given us time to pursue some different musical projects. James has joined the band Feel So Good, Let's Do It and Jeff, Wyatt, Drew and I are exploring our Americana roots in a brand new group called Bel Air.

I will not be posting here in the foreseeable future. But, I, and everyone else who ever contributed to this blog, will be posting in a new location. Please update the bookmarks that I know you all have to this url:


Check it often as I will be posting about the exciting adventure of recording our album and, of course, the assorted bullshit that you have come to know and... love? like? like a little? Circle one and pass it to me between home ec and soc.

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