Ah. New Year's Day. One of my favorite days of the year. It's a day during which you can sleep in until 2, stay in bed for another few hours watching a DVD, then, if you're feeling energetic, pull up to the cellphone to order some hangover-nursing Chinese food. A Law and Order: SVU marathon later and you've got yourself a day. These are the kinds of luxuries an old maid like me can afford to indulge in - if only once a year without guilt.

2008! But, before we get excited, we must first deal with 2007. I think it's about time for a recap/round-up/best-of situation, don't you? Alright, here goes:

(the opinions here-in are those of Allie Breakup and only Allie Breakup)

Best Album of 2007: In Rainbows - Radiohead. I can't think of an album that I listened to or enjoyed more than this in the past year. Runner Up: Wilco - Sky Blue Sky


Best Song of 2007: According to my Creative Zen Vision:M (god, that's a catchy name), the song I listened to most was Challengers by the New Pornographers. Neko, you can do no wrong.

Best Live Show of 2007: Besides the show that BUBD played at the outdoor scooter festival (kidding), I am going with Wilco at Warsaw. See my ecstatic review here. Runner Up: Ida/Tara Jane O'Neil at the Knitting Factory.

Best Movie of 2007: No Country For Old Men. Runner Up: Hot Fuzz

Best Wedding of 2007: Jeff and Whitney. Runner Up: Pete Doherty and Kate Moss but since their Buddhist ceremony wasn't legally binding I'm not sure it counts. Those two can't catch a break.

Cutting the cake

Best Muffin of 2007: Sprinkle muffin on the day of Whitney and Jeff's wedding.

Sprinkle Muffins are delicious

Worst Attempt to cover up Plastic Surgery of 2007:
Joan Van Ark. I resolve to not look at pictures of this kind in 2008.

don't ever get plastic surgery

Best Christmas Ornament that looks like Mr. Hanky of 2007:
Sorry, Mom.

Mr. Hanky's photo negative

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