they never wandered from that point
whileand i have a basket of old finery
i looked
aunt jessie made pinafores by the dozen while
probably prospecting in the wilderness,
forgetful, gone to be married,
and were coming back to live
"no danger", the claims of babarians

This "Aunt Jessie" character seems pretty awesome - prospector and pinafore maker! Could she be the backwoods counterpart to the super-cool, pristinely coiffed, vest wearing "Uncle Jesse" that we all know and love?


I also got a link that would be helpful for people looking to have a "fungo bat in their pants". I appreciate that there is help for people with such specific needs but I still don't think I'll include the link. I haven't heard/read the word "fungo" since the memorable line in Bull Durham "Having a conversation with you is like a Martian talking to a fungo".


While were on the subject of baseball. The Yankees are in the playoffs. Yay!



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